Common Inspection Issues and Requests


Septic System 

This is the most expensive component that could come up on inspections. If your system is more than 20 years old and/or there is no information on record at town hall or your local health district, I would recommend paying now to have it pumped and inspected, to avoid surprises on buyer inspections.


Roof.   Probably the second most expensive component that could come up on inspections.  Any verifiable information could help and make sure you put the roof age, if known, in the disclosures.


Heating System.  The third most expensive item.   Make sure you put age in disclosures and if it has been more than 12 months since last service, have it serviced.  Most buyers will request at least this on inspections.


Other Common Items:

Chimney Sweep.  If not done in last 12 months.

Radon in the air.   Radon is very common in New England.  More than half the homes I have sold in the last 24 months have needed or already had, radon in air mitigation systems.  The cost  to install is typically around $1200.00.

Bathroom Fans. They must vent outside, at least to a soffit and not directly into attic. 

Electrical Issues. Since building codes are constantly changing, especially electrical issues, it is very common to have a few related items come up on inspection reports. There is no way to tell for sure what you may have, but there a a couple of things you could do now: 

  • Make sure all bulbs work.
  • Make sure all outlets and switches have covers on them.
  • Make sure all junction boxes have covers on them.
  • Make sure main panel has no rust in or out.


Miscellaneous issues when buyer is using government financing:

  • Hand rails on anything higher than 2 steps.
  • No cracked windows, even in basement.
  • No peeling paint anywhere in or out, including garages, and out buildings.
  • No exposed wires, all electrical outlets and switches have covers, as well as all junction boxes have covers.



What sellers can expect to have to pay for if they are requested as part of an inspection:

  • Any septic related issues.
  • Any water related issues.
  • Any radon related issues.


Other FAQs:

Inspections are done by the buyer and paid for by the buyer.

It is the second step in the process of selling the home  (agreeing on price being the first).

It is very common to have repairs requested, especially on older homes.

It is important for you to deal with whatever you can on this list prior to inspections being done.

If you have further questions or concerns about the condition of your home and the inspection process please contact me.  If you would like a no obligation evaluation of your home including a suggested sales price and recommended repairs please click here.